CEC - Velocity Sensors

CEC Vibration Products Inc. manufacturers a wide range of velocity vibration sensors specialized for use in harsh environmental applications. CEC provides a full line of self-generating velocity sensors, with a field-proven reputation for product reliability and support. This strong reputation is the paramount reason our worldwide industrial, military, aerospace and marine customers choose CEC products for their critical machinery health measurements.

4-102 Vibration Sensor

4-102 Vibration Transducer

These transducers are used to measure vibration in many applications, such as fans, high speed motors, rotating machinery, in test cells and on dynamic balancing equipment.

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4-118 Vibration Sensor

4-118 Vibration Transducer

CEC's miniature 4-118 Vibration Sensors are especially valuable where space is limited, and where heavier sensors would invalidate your results.

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4-123 Vibration Sensor

4-123 Vibration Transducer

CEC's 4-123 Vibration Sensors are particularly suited to turbine applications.

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4-125 Vibration Sensor

4-125 Vibration Transducer

CEC designed the 4-125 Vibration Sensor for turbine applications.

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4-128 Vibration Sensor

4-128 Vibration Transducer

CEC designed the 4-128 Vibration Sensor for turbine applications.


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4-130-0128 Vibration Sensor

4-130-0128 Vibration Transducer

The 4-130-0128 can be mounted in tight-fit locations to assure that only actual engine vibrations are transmitted for analysis.

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4-130 Vibration Sensor

4-130 Vibration Transducer

CEC's 4-130 Vibration Sensors offer a technology breakthrough in velocity output vibration sensor design.

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4-131 Vibration Sensor

4-131 Vibration Transducer

Designed for industrial applications on fixed turbines, you can use this instrument in turbine hot sections where high temperatures cause problems with other sensors.

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4-137 Vibration Sensor

4-137 Vibration Transducer

CEC's 4-137 Vibration Sensors offer a technology breakthrough in velocity output vibration sensor design.

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4-138 Vibration Sensor

4-138 Vibration Transducer

The frictionless design also allows measurement of extremely low vibration levels, critical when monitoring precision balanced turbine systems.

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  • 4-125 series discontinued, ask for replacement.


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