Instrumentation and Control

Aero Support specialise in aero engine test facility instrumentation and control design, installation/commissioning and support.

Our engineers are experienced in providing turn-key instrumentation and control solutions. Modern Data Acquisition Systems (DAQ) greatly improve the efficiency of aero engine test facilities, reducing cell occupancy times and fuel consumption. DAQ systems provide accurate, repeatable test data which can be automatically trended, computed and archived to give test engineers reliable information for engine efficiency status, data analysis and fault finding.

Operator screen displays and information presentation is customised to client requirements ensuring users are provided with the optimum working environment.

Data Acquisition Systems

Data Acquisition System daq dasAn important benefit of a well designed Data Acquisition System is the ability to continually monitor both engine and facility parameter data signals to ensure the information being monitored is within acceptable limits.

This has two benefits to the user:- a) The engine and facility are protected from any dangerous running conditions, which could endanger personnel or the facility itself. b) The data acquisition system ensures that all of the data recorded is within specified expected levels. This ensures that no erroneous data is recorded which could otherwise lead to the requirement to re-test the engine - a timely and costly exercise.

Aero Support is extremely experienced in the system integration of the very popular and versatile National Instruments series of products. Having designed, specified, installed, commissioned and maintained various systems for our customer's world wide.

Programmable Logic Controllers

programmable logic controller plcAero Support engineers program and install Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) within aero engine test facilities, test cells and on component test rigs. PLCs provide safety interlocks and facility control functions to ensure the safe testing of equipment.

We have extensive experience in designing test facility PLC systems and their integration into new and exisiting test cells. Installing a PLC system provides cost savings and increased safety to personnel/facilities and is a great way of upgrading an old test facility.

Our control systems are designed to be operated with either touch screen or mouse/keyboard control. This provides the user with the choice of Human Machine Interfaces (HMI).

Flexible logic control is designed to provide top level safety interlocking whilst retaining full operator control of the unit under test and the facility functions.

Throttle Controls Systems

Throttle control systemWe provide state-of-the-art throttle control systems as either new fit or upgrades to existing systems.

Installing a modern throttle system allows the throttle control to be integrated into a PLC system. This allows the engine to be controlled automatically or manually depending on user preferences. Modern throttle systems provide accurate and repeatable control of gas turbine engines. This provides greater confidence in the performance of the engine.


  • New website launched.
  • Acceptance for C-130H/AP-3C METS.
  • First and only T56 METS approved by Rolls Royce.
  • Adaption of C-130 METS to test P-3 Orion (T56-A-14).
  • First METS to test the Rolls Royce T56-A-14 series 3.5


Aero Support is a customer focussed, Surrey based company providing aero engine test facility design and support solutions.

In addition to our test facility solutions, we are also a major distributor for CEC Vibration Products to our UK and worldwide customers.


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