Consultancy and Design Services

Bespoke Performance Analysis Software

Aero Support develop reliable and user friendly bespoke aero engine performance analysis software.

Our software is created using the very latest development tools and is fully compatible with all Microsoft windows based operating systems, including 64-bit Windows 7.

Turnkey software solutions are written specifically for individual customers, talioring the design to the needs of the end user. Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) test procedures are at the core of the automatic test prompting and data collection routines embedded into the sofware.


All our software is developed in accordance with ISO software TickIT requirements, ensuring customer satisfaction, maintainability and version control.

Aero Support developed software is currently being used to test and control turbo-prop and turbo-fan aero engines for civilian and military customers both in the USA and worldwide.

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Aero Engine Test Facility Design

Aero Engine Test FacilitiesOur engineers work closely with customers on both conceptual and detail designs for aero engine test facilities. We have experience in both enclosed (uninstalled engines) and installed (QECU configuration) facilities. Working with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), end users, and facility providers; We provide impartial advice, which is often invaluable to our customers.

Aero Support have experience in design solutions for both green and brown field building locations, providing guidance on the different requirements for each location type. Having operated aero engine test facilities, our engineers are uniquely placed to provide design and operating guidence to our customers.

We specialize in designing outdoor aero engine test facilities and Mobile Engine Test Systems (METS) for civilian and military operators. Our engineers have installed and commissioned METS for the Royal Air Force (RAF), the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) and civilian companies.

An impartial approach to facility design is often necessary to bridge the gap between the OEM and the end user. Aero Support is able to bridge this gap and has experience with dealing with most of the major OEMs.

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Instrumentation and Control

Instrumentation and ControlAero Support engineers provide instrumentation and control system design, installation and support. Our engineers have over twenty five years experience in developing fully automated data acquisition system control solutions. Our customer include industrial, military and aerospace operators.

Our systems combine the latest hardware and software solutions, to provide our customers with reliable, accurate and easy to use systems.



Modern aero engine and component testing requires the use of high speed data acquisition and control systems. Our engineers have upgraded many test facilities to utilize the latest data acquisition and control systems. Upgrades are performed to ensure the shortest possible facility downtime and disruption to production testing.

Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) are used to replace outdated control panels. PLCs provide reliable, flexible control solutions which may be incorporated into the application test software to record all test events. Our engineers have a proven history of integrating PLCs in both new and retrofitted test facilities.

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Program Management

Program ManagementMany customers require new facilities or upgrades to exisiting facilities and find themselves without the necessary inhouse capabilities to manage complex projects.

Aero engine test facilities are a major expense. The end user must produce a robust tender specification. Aero Support has successfully provided many customers with program management services on multi-million dollar projects, ensuring both the technical and commercial requirements are obtained. Outsourcing program management reduces the burden on the customer and allows them to concentrate on their core business requirements whilst maintaining a tight control on the project operation.

Our engineers are ready to provide program management for all of your test facility requirements.


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  • New website launched.
  • Acceptance for C-130H/AP-3C METS.
  • First and only T56 METS approved by Rolls Royce.
  • Adaption of C-130 METS to test P-3 Orion (T56-A-14).
  • First METS to test the Rolls Royce T56-A-14 series 3.5


Aero Support is a customer focussed, Surrey based company providing aero engine test facility design and support solutions.

In addition to our test facility solutions, we are also a major distributor for CEC Vibration Products to our UK and worldwide customers.


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